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We are making it easier than ever to deliver virtually any promotional product anywhere in the world

What We Do


Whether it is the hottest product in the industry or a one-of-a-kind concept, Simplified Sourcing has you covered. Our 20+ year old relationships with overseas manufacturers and team of 25 buyers overseas enable us to tailor the service we provide you to meet the needs of you and your customer, wherever in the world your customer may be.

Relax, its Simple

Let us know what you are looking for and our team will find a quality product at a great price. We take the worry out of overseas production by ensuring our factories are reputable, and the products' components have been tested for safety. We are also willing to negotiate payment terms as we understand that the smallest prices add up on high quantity orders. Let us know what works for you and we will do our best to make it work for everyone.

Simplified is Simply Better


Providing excellent customer service is our number one priority at SImplified Sourcing. There is no such thing as a cookie cutter solution - we believe in a concierge approach and will provide customer service that is just as customized to you and your needs as the custom product we are making for you. Whatever service you need is the service we will provide. Creating a customized product requires providing a customized service.


You will be hard pressed to find another team willing to load up the van with your order and personally drive your order, or hop on the next departing flight with your order checked as luggage. Although this may sound like a fantasy members of our team have actually done this in the past to ensure the in hands dates were met for tight deadline orders.


While it is unlikely that your order will require a personal delivery, your order will be handled with the same dedication and conviction as the above mentioned orders. If that level of dedication is not concierge, nothing is.

The Simple Stuff

Your customer just informed you that they LOVE the hot new product you pitched to them in your last meeting. They love it so much they want 100000 pieces to distribute in their next nationwide campaign.

100,000 pieces?

For us, that is Simple. Click here to see some of the products we have done in the past.

Creative Design

It isn't always easy to turn a concept into a design.


Simplified Sourcing has a full service art department capable of turning your ideas into a realistic visual design. Our customer service team will work with you to fully understand your vision, then closely work alongside our artists to draft the blueprints for your dream promotional items. It is the first step in turning your dream promo into a reality.

We Meet Deadlines

Sometimes there is a lot of lead time. Sometimes there is only a little. That is why Simplified Sourcing offers both ocean and air import price points and services for most of our products.


But importing is only half the battle.


Your order will ship from one of our three FOB Points: San Diego, CA; Buffalo, NY; or Toronto, ON Canada. We will examine the available shipping options to get the order from our FOB point to your customer on time for the best price.

A High Standard for Quality

Quality is important to us. Simplified Sourcing has partnerships with several companies to ensure the quality of your order throughout all aspects of the order process - from the pre-production stage right up until the order arrives to your customer. This enables us to ensure that our factories are certified and allow up to provide you and your customers detailed information of the contents of even the most customized products.

Your Order is Safe with Simplified

Simplified Sourcing has a $10 million insurance policy along with measures in place for liability protection. You can rest asured that your order is safe in the hands of Simplified Sourcing

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